Tenant Rules

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Please notify Landlord immediately in the event of ANY breakage, leakage, pest incursion, or lack of service.
By signing a rental agreement, you are agreeing to these rules in their entirety.

Late Fees
Rent is normally due by the first 1st of the month, or in the case of a weekend or holiday, the next business day. If not paid by 5pm 5 days after due date, a $25 late fee will be incurred. Any payment received after the 5th will incur an addition $3 per day not to exceed $100 in total.

Semi Annual Safety Inspections
After six months of residency, we would like to meet with tenants for safety updates. A form will be provided with a checklist of property conditions.
After a year, a walk through should coincide so that we may visually verify the checklist.
Here are some examples of the types of things we want to know about: roof leaks, excessive mildew in rear bedroom closet, fuses blow out frequently, door lock sticks, water comes out too hot in shower, exhaust fan above stove doesn’t work, smoke alarm malfunctions, peeling paint, mice/rat signs, etc… Please point out any potential safety and security problems in the neighborhood and anything you consider a serious nuisance.

Pets are normally not allowed. During the application process, exceptions for pets would be looked at by using the following considerations: Aquatic set ups of no more than 20 gallons. Caged animal set-ups would be small and well contained. Land animals would preferably weigh under 20lbs. Well behaved, quiet pets, who – would not disturb neighbors, guests, or neighboring pets – are without destructive or aggressive tendencies – and are potty trained. Should we make an exception to approve a specific pet, these are the rules that most be followed: Additional pet deposit is required, equaling 1/2 the amount of initial cleaning deposit. Only the pet named in the Agreement can be allowed on the property. Aquatic and caged set ups must be well contained, with reliable measures to prevent spills and debris. With Indoor/Outdoor “land” animals – it’s tenants responsibility to provide fence containment, pet access doors, and other accommodations if existing ones are not adequate for your situation. Plans for such alterations are subject to approval – upon which time, terms for share of cost will be determined. All landscaping dug up or flattened will be repaired and/or replanted at tenants expense. Should scratches to walls, floors, etc. occur, tenants are responsible for immediate repairs. Pet should not defecate anywhere on the property, or inside any building. If he/she does, it must be picked up and disposed of promptly. If inside, the spot must be cleaned with a natural enzyme-based cleanser. If outside, a hose must be used. Animals should not be left home alone for long periods of time.

Please use the vent fan in the bathroom every time you shower! Vent fan needs to be cleaned from dust regularly. Any mold appearing needs to be dealt with right away.  Please use the exhaust fan over the stove any time cooking with medium or high heat.

No smoking is allowed inside any of the buildings. If outside you must smoke away from any open doors and/or windows

Be good to the plumbing. Flush only toilet paper, and sparingly.

Windows must be kept clean. Both sides. Interior curtain rods must be maintained.

Basic upkeep of grounds is the responsibility of the tenant. Paths must be swept clear. Lawn, plants and trees must be watered as often as the season requires. All trash and animal waste on the grounds, up to and including the street must be picked up and disposed of promptly. All mulch (bed cover) and irrigation must be replaced and maintained by the tenant(s). Fruit trees must be pruned in the winter. All blackberries, English Ivy, and Tree of heaven’s must be dug up and disposed of right away. To prevent them from taking over. All fertilizer used on property must be Organic, and any seeds planted must be non-GMO. Gardening and other alterations by tenants is subject to approval. Hoses must be coiled neatly when not in use.

Gutters must be cleaned regularly, especially in the fall and winter months.

All irrigation timers must be taken in for the winter, and re-setup in the Spring.

Light Bulbs
Tenants are responsible for replacing any light bulb that has burnt out. However, it must be replaced with a high quality LED. If you need any kind of socket adapter. Contact me.

Fire Safety
There are stringent fire safety laws in Grass Valley that must be complied with. Tenant is responsible for complying with these:

The entire property shall be mowed/cleared so that weeds are no higher than four inches above mineral soil, the roof of every building and/or structure shall be free of leaves, pine needles, “flammable vegetation” as defined in Section 8.16.210and/or “combustible materials” as defined in Section 8.16.210. No portion of any tree shall be within ten feet of the outlet of a chimney, stovepipe and/or electrical power service drop. Any plant, tree, or shrub adjacent to or overhanging a building and/or structure shall be free of dead or dying wood. Trees shall be free of branches six feet up from the ground, if height of the tree does not allow the six feet of clearance, the chief of the fire department or an authorized representative will determine appropriate clearance.


Smoke Detectors
All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be left plugged in and not tampered with. If batteries are low or dead they must be replaced as soon as possible by the tenant(s).

There is a shared storage shed east of Suite A. This is for use of all Lloyd St. tenants. No outside storage is allowed. Keep stuff in off site storage, shared storage shed or house. Not on porch or lawn.

The washing machine and dryer are located in the small room attached to Suite A. This is accessible to all tenants. Dryer vent must be cleaned before EVERY load. Do not leave clothes or other personal items in laundry room. Tenants of Suite B must record $1 per load on the shared Splitwise group to reimburse Suite A tenants for energy  use. Water and sewer utilities are also shared on Splitwise.

On-street parking only. Please be aware and respectful of other tenants by parking in such a way as to maximize usable on-street parking space. Five well placed medium-sized vehicles should be able to park. No more than two vehicles may be parked per house.

Internet Service
If Internet is ordered notify us, so we can meet the installer and make sure they utilize the existing wires.

Tenants must take the trash out once a week. Pickup is: Wednesday morning.  Recycle is picked up every other week alternating with green waste. All trash on the grounds including on the street must be picked up and disposed of promptly.

The cost of water, sewer and garbage will be split evenly between both houses on the property.They are billed every two months, and forwarded to the tenants. This will be due upon receipt. Electricity and gas (PGE) is the responsibility of the tenant.

Suite B (Towerhouse)
No nails/screws in walls, ceilings or floor. Extreme caution must be taken when utilizing the ladder up and down from the second story
Counter Care: The kitchen counter is made from a Swedish hardwood grown in a renewable forest. Special care and attention must be made to preserve it’s integrity and beautiful luster. Do not ever cut, pound, or abrade anything directly on the counter. A cutting board is providing for use. All water, food, or spills must be cleaned and dried immediately. It’s very important that you clean and dry under anything that is left sitting on the surface. Do not place anything hot directly on the surface. Please use the provided trivets. Counter must be oiled regularly, when looking dry (or 2-4 times a year) with the provided food safe mineral oil, or beeswax finish.

AC and Heat unit must be cleared of all foliage and debris with a 1 foot clearing all the way around the entire exterior unit. Batteries must be replaced in the remote when needed. The filter must be cleaned with water or air every month.

Floor heating Thermostat batteries must be replaced when needed.

Suite C (Painting Studio)
Plant window leaks a small amount. Please do not store anything there that could get damaged by water.

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  1. Hello, can you tell me whether you allow pets? I didn’t see it elsewhere on your website, but I didn’t have a lot of time to search, either.


  2. hello*

    i am interested in the painting-studio and i understand that there is no bathroom. is there a toilet?and are there pictures available that show the inside?


  3. Hey Jeffrey!
    I am very interested in the space you have available here. … If you could get back to me soon so we can talk about… that would be awesome! In the meantime, should I fill out an application? Thanks!

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